Giving Monteverde a Chance

Giving Monteverde a Chance

I’ve been to Costa Rica 4 times and have yet to visit one of its most famous spots, the Monteverde cloud forest.  Given that there a perfectly good (and less-traveled) cloud forests just north of San Jose, I never took the time to get to Monteverde. Nicknamed “The Crowd Forest” by tourist-weary Ticos, it always seemed like more of a stop for big buses than a solo traveler.

bajos del toro

Costa Rica’s cloud forests are not limited to Monteverde!

Soon I will be in Costa Rica for the 5th time, and thanks to a work opportunity I will finally experience Monteverde. I can’t lie – I’m not as thrilled about it as I should be.

It’s not that I am anti-tourist. I’ve been to Manuel Antonio …twice. And popular areas are popular for a reason! But having enjoyed the more secluded cloud forest areas near San Ramon and Bajos del Toro, I’m having a hard time getting excited about Monteverde, which seems like it will feel less authentic.

Villa Blanca Horse

Cloud forest horseback riding


It’s always hard to say what you’re going to uncover on any trip, even if researched the destination inside and out. When I travel, my best moments are usually the ones that weren’t planned, so I’m willing to let Monteverde take the wheel and work its magic on me.

Here’s what I am definitely looking forward to in Monteverde:

  • Cool, misty mountains
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Hiking
  • Eating
Costa Rica waterfalls

Cloud forest waterfall hike

Have you been to Monteverde? I would love to hear about places to eat and things to explore that remain off-the-radar. Be sure to stay tuned to hear about my full Monteverde experience.



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