Next Stop: Getting Fat in Mexico City

Next Stop: Getting Fat in Mexico City

2015 will go out with a tasty bang for me. In December I’ll spend a long weekend eating my way around Mexico City. I know that I can’t possibly experience this massive city in just 3.5 days, so I’m going to focus on a few key points of interest: Tacos al pastor, birria, pozole, and maybe a pretty church or two (while I digest).

Mexico Markets

I want to hit as many markets as possible and see what strange things I can find with which to stuff my face. Recommendations are welcome, especially if it’s bugs.

Other than food, I look forward to:

Mexico City art. The obvious choice here is to check out Frida and Diego’s famous digs, but I’m hoping to find the pulse of the current scene. I would love to meet and learn about emerging artists who are making a name in this notoriously artful city. Again, recommendations are welcome.

The people. Since I’m traveling solo and only have 3 days to spare I’ll be maximizing my time by staying near the city center.  I’ve set aside a decent amount of time just for people-watching alone. The Zocalo, La Reforma, Chapultepec – this is guaranteed entertainment.  Sometimes the beaten path is beaten for a reason, you know?

Mexico City

Weekend travel is all about maximizing your time and location is a big factor in the equation. If you have the chance to take a long, nomadic trip it absolutely makes sense to dig deep for an under-the-radar experience. But the average traveler has just a short time to spare, and there’s nothing wrong or inauthentic about enjoying a destination’s more popular offerings.Eating

This will be 1 of 3 weekend trips that I will squeeze in before the end of 2015, with Kansas City and Minneapolis rounding out the year. In the future I’ll explore the country more extensively, but for now I’m pretty pumped to dip my toes in the bottled water and take a shot at the basics of Mexico City.


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