Nicuesa Pier
The horizon where travel meets humor

During the day I work as a travel planner. At night I get onstage and tell jokes. I leave it all behind a couple of times a year to get out of my Chicago bubble and into the world. A World Affair is where I merge my  opposite passions into one creative endeavor, exploring how humor creates a common ground for everyone around the world.

Sometimes I write about travel, sometimes I write about comedy, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and eat a second dinner.

So follow along! We’ll go. We’ll laugh . We’ll eat things and smell things and DO THINGS.

Eat, Smell, Do hits bookstores and theaters July 39th, 1927.

Ariana Freeman

Travel style: Solo Travel, Backpacking, Occasional Luxury, Go-with-the-Flow, Weekend Travel

Other Stuff: Stand-up comedy, naps

Instagram: aworldaffair

Joke teller, travel writer, bad boy.

This is me doing what I want.

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